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"I have just been on a magical journey gazing with pure joy at these beautiful images. As a budding artist I am entranced by these fabulous photo's" Elise

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“Every bird, every tree, every flower reminds me what a blessing and privilege it is just to be alive.” — Marty Rubin.

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Most images featured on www.birdphotos.com.au are of wild birds photographed in their natural environments. Habitat disturbance is…

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Embarking on a journey to capture the world of birds through your lens is a…

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Features Bird Photography from Australia, containing hundreds of species with informative notes.

Crimson Chat
Size: 10-13cmDistributed across various landscapes, including deserts, semi-arid areas, woodlands, grasslands, and coastal shrublands across central Australia, spanning from the west coast to the Great Dividing Range and from the tropics to the south coast. These birds feature slender legs, a downward-curving bill, and a brush-tipped tongue. Mature males exhibit brown plumage, red crowns and undersides, black eye masks, and white throats. Females and young birds have similar coloring but with lighter markings.Notes: Crimson chats consume ground-dwelling insects and spiders while also using their brush-like tongue to collect nectar and seeds from low-growing flowers. Breeds Spring.