About the Birds

Most images featured on www.birdphotos.com.au are of wild birds photographed in their natural environments. Habitat disturbance is kept to a minimum, the welfare of the birds and their environment comes first. 

Generally, we shoot with focal lengths greater than 1000mm so as not to unduly stress a subject by getting too close. We avoid photographing nesting birds, and are careful not to interfere with a birds’ life cycles.

No images have been staged (excluding composite images), or artificial environments used, food is never used to attract a subject so as not to interfere with their natural processes. When observing birds we make a considerable effort to learn their patterns of behaviour, this enables us to capture our images with little stress and disturbance to the subject.

Birdphotos.com.au is dedicated to the protection and conservation of birds and the environment we all share. We hope you enjoy our images, and gain inspiration from the beauty we have been lucky enough to record.

Greg Holland & Leon Keasey